Friday, August 14, 2009

happy birthday honey! =)
mmmmmmmmwwwwwwwahhhh! =)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

what do you say...

when somebody sends you texts like
  • i don't know where you are & what you're doin, but now i'd like to have you here next to me
  • hi darling. i start to be sick.. it's too long i'm not seein you
  • i'm already in bed... i'm so tired, i miss you here next to me

uyyy... nag eemote! =) hahaha! =)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

i wish...

i wish i was the ball in between these two men i worship! =)
here's a closer look at the two
The Captain #8 - Steven Gerrard

# 9 Fernando Torres

This is your fault, Malcolm!!! you made me fall in love =) --> this shall be the subject of another entry =)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

nice girls from maldita

ok ok, i know. this ain't right, no entry for more than 2 months!!! i don't know, i just don't have anything interesting to write about, that is if i even get to find the time to write! (being a multinational slave is very demanding, huhuhu!)

so last night, as i was killing time (to avoid the rush hour), i went around megamall. i was looking for some stuffs to buy and i found a good pair of pants which really fit me well (it's not everyday that i get to find a good pair of pants that fit me well) at Maldita and the best thing about it is it was on the sale rack! but as i was fitting it, i noticed there was some stain on the left leg of the pants. i asked the sales lady if it can be removed. she said she can't assure me if it can or can't be removed (huhuhu!). so they tried searching for a new stock, but couldn't find any (huhuhu again, and i thought i was lucky!) as an alternative, they called up their branch in galleria to check if they have the same pair of pants, and alas!!! there was. although i was happy, i thought it was too much of hassle to get the car from the office, park at galleria and get the pair. so keeping my fingers crossed, i asked them to try if the stain can be removed. and guess what? the two ladies went to the wash room and tried removing the stain... and lo and behold!!!! the stain was gone!!!! yahu yahu!

i was sooo lucky to find a new pair of pants (on sale!) and to have those three girls helped me out that much. no pun intended to other sales ladies, but there are some sales crew who couldn't care less about helping out their customers.

Thanks sooo much to you girls, Glena, Noemi and Che. If anyone knows the owner of this Maldita branch in Megamall, kindly spread the word. =)

Friday, August 08, 2008


to my friends......

Thank you for the advance birthday surprise! =)

Monday, July 21, 2008

# 8

i'm so in love with you! =)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

land of the giants

for the past few weeks, i've been lucky to watch philippine professional basketball games live! the last time i got "hooked" with basketball was during the era of Yves Dignadice, Samboy Lim, Benjie Paras, Ronnie Magsanoc and their contemporaries (O di ba talagang matagal na!) During my younger years, i used to watch Atoy Co, Abe Guidaben, Billy Ray Bates of the ever famous arch rival teams Crispa and Toyota (hahaha! do you guys remember them?!?!)

after that long gone era, i settled for basketball in the office. most of the players were my friends. they were average in height, tallest guy happens to be my boss who is a little over 6 feet. but they can play real classic hard games. it was i guess the proximity with the playing court that allowed me to witness how physical basketball is, the banging of bodies, elbows and knees here and there, bodies dropping on the court. there were times i had to cover my eyes because it was to painful to see.

and a month ago, i went to the land of the giants. it was my first time to watch professional basketball, and the first thing i uttered - " siyet, ang lalaki nila." my gulay! they are real giants!!! (mukhang hanggang waistline lang nila ako!)

we were seated at the patron rows. these were the seats directly behind the players' bench. (yes ganun kami kalapit!) the players were just a spit away from us. although there were some "average-sized" players (like 5 ft 9-10 inches), most of the players were tall, and had big built. I would have appeared like a dwarf if i stood beside those guys!

at first it was their sizes which overwhelmed me, but later on, i found myself yelling and clapping and cheering for the game. i didn't have a particular team, but i was enjoying every play!

thanks laurie for the tickets and for all those very interesting footnotes on the players! =)